BiChem 250FE

BiChem 250FE is a powdered product based on micro-organisms, enzymes and nutrients to liquefy and digest grease, cellulose, starch, surfactants. It can be applied in grease traps, drains, pipelines and septic tanks. Continue reading



BioCube has been specially designed to clean and to reduce odor problems and to be less environmentally damaging than conventional chemical urinal blocks. Continue reading


BioScale BLUE

BioScale Blue is a powdered formulation used for removing scale deposits from toilet bowls, toilet systems, urinals, drains and pipelines. Continue reading

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DeepClean Multi F

DeepClean MultiF is a unique biologically active formulation containing specialized bacterial strains and biodegradable cleaners. The product is specifically designed for multi-surface cleaning and odour control. Continue reading

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FreshenPlus, an innovative product for odour control in household, institutional, commercial and industrial areas.  Continue reading

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URIBLOCK is a product based on non-pathogenic micro-organisms and enzymes specifically designed to effectively maintain urinals. Continue reading