BioScale BLUE

BioScale Blue is a powdered formulation based on chemical descalers, bacterial strains and enzymes specifically produced to clean up drains and lines fouled with scale and organic matters. It is used for removing scale deposits from toilet bowls, toilet systems, urinals, drains and pipelines.


  • Easy and safe to use.Immediate dissolution of the insoluble lime scale due to its chemical composition.
  • Dissolution of the insoluble uric acid due to specific micro-organisms.
  • Microbes convert the uric scale into soluble compounds, thus preventing build up.
  • Degradation of organic matters found in toilets, drains and lines eliminating the resulting malodour.
  • Avoid dismantling of drains and lines and other equipments when used either on a preventative or curative basis.
  • A nice blue colour during use of the product
  • Excellent microorganisms shelf life