Summer temperatures trigger mosquito tsunami in Cyprus


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As the summer temperatures in Cyprus rise, the activity of mosquitoes rises with it. In this article, we take a look at how to treat your home and surrounding areas to kill mosquitoes using organic products to clean drains, garbage skips and other likely sources of mosquito growth.

About Mosquitoes

Mosquitοes are members of the Culicidae fly family with over 3,500 species around the world. While males eat pollen and nectar, the females of many mosquito species eat blood, typically from animals and humans. The process of eating blood involves piercing the skin through a proboscis and sucking blood into the mosquito’s abdomen. Part of this process also involves expelling the residue of previous meals. This is the main threat by which diseases caused by mosquitoes are transmitted, such as malaria.

Mosquito eggs are laid on a water or liquid surface. This typically requires a pool of stagnant water, but it can also include vegetation whichis frequently watered; salt lakes; garbage dumps or skips; swimming pools which are not properly treated; and other similar environments.

Key requirements for mosquito growth are humidity and temperature. As humidity and temperature rise in Cyprus, the environment for mosquito birth and growth becomes more suitable.

Some factors that attract mosquitoes include:

  • Movement: mosquitoes can spot movement from up to 10 meters away
  • Humidity and sweat: humid environments, or human perspiration, attract mosquitoes
  • Carbon dioxide: when you exhale, you expel carbon dioxide which attracts mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can travel over long distances and fly up to 25 feet in height; certain Asian species can fly over 40 feet high.

Mosquitoes are important vectors for disease. Cyprus, for instance, had many cases of malaria until the British administration began spraying DDT in large quantities in the 1950s. In Greece, malaria has been reported around Marathon (site of protected wetlands) as well as in Laconia, Larissa and Biotia.

How to Control Mosquitoes

The most important step to take is to ensure that your immediate environment has been properly cleaned and treated. As temperatures rise, garbage in garbage bins, or stagnant water pools attract mosquitos to lay their eggs and grow in population. If these areas are not cleaned regularly, they become a haven for mosquitoes and vectors for diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis and other diseases.

A. Constantinou has a range of biological productsideally suited to killing mosquitoes by cleaning garbage skips, stagnant pools of water and other breeding grounds. Our organic products range include sprays such as DeepClean MultiF, Freshen Plus or liquid solutions such as Biofree, which is ideal for stagnant waters.  The characteristics of these products include:

  • Deep Clean Multi F is a liquid biological spray that kills the organic matter that mosquitoes feed on. This is ideal for cleaning dumpsters, garbage bins and skips, and other areas where mosquitoes breed, as well as odours that attract mosquitoes. Carbon dioxide is released by the degredation of organic matter in garbage bins and skips: Deep Clean Multi F is an ideal solution for killing mosquitoes.
  • Freshen Plus isan innovative spray for odour control in and around the household,It provides a powerful combination of a fast-acting neutralizer for immediate odour relief, degrading organic matter in stagnant water and garbage bins.
  • BioFree is a liquid biological product that breaks down organic matter in stagnant water. Adding BioFree to stagnant rainwater, rivers and ponds, abandoned swimming pools, sewage lines and pumping stations, and other water traps eliminates the organic matter that mosquitoes eat.

These three anti-mosquito products are long-lasting: rather than treating the symptom of the problem, they treat the root cause by depriving mosquitoes of sustenance. Using these products avoids the creation of bedbugs by killing the mosquito population.

A. Constantinou provides professional services in Cyprus and internationally, including site visits, for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, food processing plants and other clients that are affected by or are nearby mosquito-infested areas.

Please contact us to learn more about our products. Customers can order DeepCleanMultiF, Freshen Plus and BioFree for delivery in Cyprus or can visit our offices in Larnaca to view our products.

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